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Your on vacation and you’ve decided to spend some time on the lake catching some fish. There’s just one problem. This is day three on the lake and you don’t have much to show for it besides wind burn. The bites are so few and far between, your thinking about cutting your losses and packing it in. Which really bums you out. Or maybe, even worse, you brought your boat out of storage this year only to find it won’t start. The local mechanic is swamped and can’t get to it for weeks, and you already took the time off work. You decide to just hire a limousine to get you there!

Between your career and everyday family life you just don’t get out fishing much anymore, so these chances you do get, you want to spend more time reeling in the big ones and less time looking for them and figuring out what they are biting on this season or dealing with costly and time consuming maintenance on all the equipment involved. This is where the pro’s come in. They can put you and your family or friends on the right lakes, in the right spots, with the right bait, at exactly the right time to catch that trophy you’ve been searching for, and provide all you need to get the job done.

They can also specialize in your favorite kind of fishing like bait fishing, fly fishing, trolling, or even ice fishing. Or perhaps your more interested in a specific type of fish you may enjoy catching the most like Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Salmon, or even Barracuda, Tarpon, and Sharks! Some also offer additional things like grilling your days catch to perfection which creates a unique and wonderfully delicious experience. The guided trips offer the ability to maximize your time on the water, allowing you spend more time catching those fish you love to battle and less time spent searching for them. This could really mean the difference between your family and friends enjoying your hobby with you or loathing it. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Having an enjoyable life experience that you can fondly share with those closest to you. Who better to help provide that than a professional guide that has years of experience and a trove of great techniques, knowledge of the local area and customs, and can provide all the right equipment you need to focus your valuable time on the fishing experience itself.


Fishing is something wonderful to understand and have knowledge about. You may do it as a business where you catch the fish in large quantities for sale, fish to have food to eat or fish as a sport where it will be just for fun. Below here, comes the guidelines on how to fish!

  1. Get the right gear. Get a cane, graphite pole and a bait. These may be available at a bait shop. And you are ready to go!
  2. Choose the right spot to do your fishing. Choose a place where there will be high chances of catching the fish, probably where the fish come to feed like around the shallow water. Also, choose a place where it is comfortable. It will not be suitable to fish where everyone one else is fishing, this is crowding which decreases the probability of making a catch.
  3. Correct timing. If you are fishing in fresh water then the most appropriate time for fishing is at dusk or at dawn since fresh-water fish are active when there is dim light (crepuscular). If you are fishing in salty water there’s no specific time to do your fishing.
  4. Maintain silence. You need to keep any form of noise down around the fishing spot. Noise will make the fish swim away. You will have many fish at your disposal if the fish don’t sense your presence.
  5. Be patient. Patience is a virtue you have to gather while fishing. It will help you wait for the fish to bite the bait. Fish have a tendency of taking some time before spotting your bait. Wait until your fishing rod shakes as the fish nibbles your bait to withdraw it from the water.
  6. Remove the fish of the hook with care. Many fish have spiny fins that can hurt you and others have sharp teeth. To protect yourself from the fins you need to hold the fish behind its head firmly but GENTLY. To protect yourself from the teeth you just have to use needle nose pliers to get out the hook.
  7. Catch-and-release. This is for those who are doing fishing just for fun. You don’t have to let the fish die if you don’t need it; don’t use a live bait for this case since this will cause more damage to the fish as they take a live bait deeper in their mouths, instead use artificial lures. If you are fishing for other reasons, keep only the number you require.

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